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Master time.

Be faster

with Rooster.

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The calendar that’s faster to use.


Rooster makes it faster and easier to be organised so you have more time. With awesome features like the QuickCal keyboard and an ever so handsome interface, you'll soon realise why everyone loves chicken.

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Fast input: Create events lightning fast, with the QuickCal Keyboard

The QuickCal Keyboard is a original Rooster baby, designed to make entering events, meetings and appointments speedy and breezy. Fill in the tabs you want and leave the rest. It's easy as chicken pie.

Fast layout: Events and tasks in one view

Designed for optimal viewing, Rooster keeps your events and tasks together, so you won't need to switch screens. Just one glance and you can see your full day ahead.

Calendar and tasks

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Fast task management: Stay on top of everything 

Pin your important tasks like sticky notes and never forget a thing. Keep them all in one place and swipe down for quick access.


Fast navigation: Jump days, weeks and months ahead

Jump ahead with the Navigator and see what your future holds.

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Fast summaries: See your days ahead in a flash

Take a quick look at your upcoming days with the efficient and magnificant Summary View.

and more

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